Abbys Dog Cookies, Gourmet, Vanilla Yogurt Cones & Bones

Delicious bone and ice cream cone canine cookies dipped in yogurt with sprinkles on top. Feed as a snack. At Abby's we believe that since dogs cannot speak the human language, they have a tail to express joy, love, concern, happiness and gratitude to those that are fortunate enough to share their lives. Every batch of cookies is baked with love and hopes for many tails to wag when our cookies are tasted! Please remember to help a local animal shelter in your area as you are able to do so. Reward your dog with the wholesome & delicious taste of Abby's Doggone Good Gourmet Cookies - treats made with the same high quality ingredients you find in your every own kitchen! Find us on Facebook Abby's Doggone Food Gourmet Cookies. We love to hear when we make a tail wag! Call 888-432-9443 Try all the varieties that have been developed and perfected since our origins in 1993. Every batch is baked with love. Sourced, made and packaged with pride in the USA.