Aura Cacia Foam Bath, Aromatherapy, Sensual Cinnamon & Ylang Ylang

Pure essential oils. The authentic aromatherapy experience - Aura Cacia's Sensual Cinnamon & Ylang Ylang invites the essence of romance with the tempting combination of warming cinnamon and euphoric ylang ylang essential oils. Our foam baths are crafted with balancing jojoba and gentle coconut cleansers, leaving the skin soft and silky smooth. Create an at-home spa treatment that entices the senses, sensualizes the body and elevates the spirit. A blend of 100% pure botanical ingredients. Cinnamon: warming, comforting. Ylang Ylang: sensualizing, euphoric. Jojoba: balancing, fortifying. Tested & verified for purity. Not tested on animals. No synthetic colors or fragrances. Paraben-free. Safe for spas & whirlpools.