Baltimore Dog Bakery Dog Treats, All-Natural, Peanut Flavor, Little Bites

All-natural dog treats. At the Baltimore Dog Bakery - we are dedicated to baking tasty and natural dog treats which contain no added soy, preservatives, sugars, sodium, or dyes. We're up to our elbows in whole wheat flour and couldn't be happier knowing we're doing our best to keep your dogs and ours healthy and happy. These baked treats have been approved by our veterinarians as well as even the most finicky of neighborhood dogs we've tested them on. We know your dogs will love them too! We send our warmest wishes for the continued good health of your dogs. Sincerely, Key. We welcome your questions, comments or special orders! The Baltimore Dog Bakery is concerned about dogs that are not lucky enough to have caring owners like you. We annually donate a percentage of our profit to help dogs in need. Made in the USA. We use only the finest ingredients: Proudly made in the USA.