Barnana Banana Bites, Chewy, Organic, Original

The super potassium snack. USDA organic. Browned perfectly. Gluten free. Non GMO Project verified. It all started in 1981 when my father began dehydrating bananas from our backyard in southern Brasil. These bananas tasted sweet, lasted for months and were loved by our family and friends. Today, I am proud to share my Pai's secret, made from sustainably grown organic bananas upcycled at the source. - Caue. Made from Upcycled Bananas: Many bananas don't qualify to leave the farm because they are not perfect bunch. We Don't Judge a Banana by it's Peel: We turn these bananas into tasty snacks and save them from going to waste. Chewy banana minus 80% water. Browned perfectly like banana bread. Banana powder so it doesn't stick to your fingers. Barnana Gorilla Gear - 1 point. Collect to get Barnana gear or donate it to a cause. For more info visit Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Certified organic by QAI. This is an organic product, so nutrient levels may vary. It's mother nature dude. Paleo. Vegan. BPA free. Super potassium snack facts. To see more visit 98% American diets are potassium deficient (2012 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Sodium and potassium intakes among US adults: NHanes.).