Berrcom Thermometer, Infrared, Non-Contact

Model: JXB-178. 1 second testing. Quick. Accurate. 6 in 1: Body temperature; ambient temperature; high temperature alarm; memorize 32 test data; three color backlits. Features: Special design to take the Human Body Temperature with a 3-5cm (1.2-2 in) distance from forehead; reliable and stable measurement, thanks to the advantage infrared detection system; audible alarm if temperature is more than 100.4 degrees F (38 degrees C); memorize the last 32 temperature measurements; three color backlits LCD digital display screen; temperature unit can be displayed in either celsius or fahrenheit; automatic power-off (less than 30 secs) to conserve energy; longevity use (100,000 readings); practical, easy to use. Clinical Thermometer: Instantly takes the temperature from a distance without contact. Presentation: The thermometer without contact has been developed by using the latest infrared technology. It allows temporal artery (TA) temperature to be taken at a distance of about 3-5 cm away from the forehead. Precise, instantaneous and without contact, the thermometer is, up to now, the most suitable thermometer for no risk on temperature measurement. It has been demonstrated that his method of TA temperature measurement is more precise than the tympanic thermometry and better tolerated than rectal thermometry. Quick, efficient and accurate. Product accessories: User manual in English 1 pc. CE listed. Made in China.