Better Oats Oatmeal, With Flax Seeds, Quick Cooking, Steel Cut, Original 10 ea

Feel good about what you feed your family in the mornings with Better Oats Original Steel Cut Oatmeal Packets with Flax Seeds. These 10 Original flavor instant oatmeal pouches contain a high quality blend of steel cut oats and flax seeds that deliver a delicious hot oatmeal taste with every spoonful. The steel cut oats in this instant oatmeal are cut with hardened steel to create a thick, hearty texture in your morning breakfast oatmeal. These Original flavor steel cut oats contain 31 grams of whole grain per serving (1) and are a good source of fiber that help with your digestive system and can help you feel full longer. Better Oats steel cut oats oatmeal packets conveniently cook in 2.5 minutes and are a quick and easy way to enjoy instant oatmeal at home or in the office. Plus, these quick cooking hot oatmeal packets feature an easy to read measuring line inside each pouch so you know exactly how much water to use for perfect breakfast oatmeal. Add fresh berries or a handful of nuts to this Original oatmeal to mix things up and add some extra crunch and flavor to your morning breakfast oatmeal. Choose Better Oats oatmeal for a quick oatmeal option that's wholesome and delicious. (1) Nutritionists recommend eating 3 or more servings of whole grain foods per day (about 16g whole grain per serving or at least 48g per day).