Brad's Gluten Free Beet Raw Chips

Brad's Gluten Free Beet Raw Chips. World's healthiest chip. Meet Brad. Typical American guy - overweight, high cholesterol, low energy, didn't sleep well. Sound familiar Then something remarkable happened. After moving back to Bucks County, Pa he decided to go on a predominantly raw food diet. He lost 40 lbs, dropped his cholesterol to a healthy level, and recovered his lost energy. He learned a lot about the benefits of raw foods and wanted something, as Brad says, "to put some crunch" into his diet. With creative experimentation and encouragement from friends and family, a remarkable snack food was born - Brad's Raw Chips. Brad's Raw Chips are dehydrated below 115 degrees, not baked or fried, and retain healthy, active enzymes and nutrients which aid digestion. Brad uses locally grown vegetables, herbs and seeds. The raw chips are gluten-free and contain no preservatives, binders, or chemicals. These chips are a guilt-free, nutritionally dense and healthy snack. Available in imaginative flavors - beet, kale, red bell pepper, sun dried tomato, cheddar, sweet potato and Indian. Sustainable production means all of our residual materials are composted and returned to the fields. Great as a snack or a meal on the go, by themselves or with your favorite dip - these chips are a complete meal in a bag. So feel confident that when you buy a bag of Brad's Raw Chips you are doing something good for yourself while supporting local farmers - and the earth. twitter@bradsrawchips. facebook/bradsrawchips. "Like" us on Facebook or email to win free chips and prizes! Read our blog and sign-up for our newsletter at Vegan gluten free. Package design by Pam Gruno. A meal in a bag! Loaded with: omega-3s, live enzymes, lean protein, complex carbs, vital minerals, vitamins, nutrients & fiber. The bag consists of a complete food group!