Cacafe Coffee, Coconut Mocha

Dairy free. Gluten free. Vegan friendly. Enjoy this fantastic mocha. I love coconut mocha! Cacafe' Coconut Mocha Features: Real coconut, Dutch cocoa, and premium Colombian Coffee. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. No added creamer or milk. The best natural creamer and flavorer: coconut. Delicious taste. The perfect combination of deliciousness and healthiness that you and your family can enjoy. Trans fat free. Share Your Story: Our fans ignite us with the passion and inspiration to produce the best coconut mocha series available. We love sharing our products with you and we'd love for your to share your story with us. If our coconut mocha series benefits you, please tell us your story by sending an email to sharestory(at) Read more recipes incorporating cacafe's unique coconut mocha on our website at Made in USA.