California Natural Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Large Bites Dog Food 30 lb. Bag

In America's heartland you'll find the heart of Natura.At our plant in Fremont, Nebraska, we put in more than just high-quality, natural ingredients. We also add to our nutritional philosophy that we have complete control over the entire manufacturing process, ensuring the quality and consistency of our food. Providing healthy food for your pet means more to us than just a promise. We took an idea and made it real in a place called Fremont. California Natural is a product of Natura Pet Products, dedicated to making the healthiest pet foods in the world.Natura's products are subjected to more than 100 defined quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process. You can expect our foods to contain the highest quality ingredients from our trusted suppliers, passing rigorous food safety checks to ensure the pet food you buy meets our quality standards. For each lot of product produced, multiple tests are performed to ensure the product meets our stringent standards and specifications before it is released and delivered to the shelves of your local retailer. Good health starts with good food. Pet food made with a limited number of ingredients can help pets with a range of nutritional needs, supporting healthy skin, coat and digestion. California Natural is nutrition made pure and simple. We're committed to using the fewest possible ingredients to deliver superior nutrition. To accomplish this, we select ingredients that are nutrient rich, easily digestible and meets our exceptional quality standards. We carefully design each formula, using only high-quality animal protein and the fewest carbohydrates possible. If you are looking for a pet food with few and simple ingredients, you will find peace of mind with our philosophy that less is more. That's the California Natural way, Pure & Simple. Our commitment to your dog. Our promise to you.California Natural Lamb Meal & Rice Formula—Small Bites Adult Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all live stages. Optimal Health from Limited Ingredients Limited Ingredients Made Pure & Simple™