Cambraia Coffee, Ground, Dark Roast, Rio De Janeiro Blend

Intense dark cocoa taste and nutty notes. 100% arabica. Since 1869. Enjoy Brazilian coffee. Inspired by the remarkable beauty of Rio de Janeiro city, this bold flavor blend comes from 100% Arabica beans. Cambria Rio de Janeiro Blend - dark roast, intense dark cocoa taste and nutty notes. Located in Minas Gerais State, Brazil's most traditional coffee area, Cambraia Family has been growing coffee for more than 100 years. The passion for excellence drives today's fourth generation to create unique coffee blends, growing, roasting, packing and exporting from our farms to your cup. Proud of sharing with you this amazing coffee experience. Have fun! Try also Cambraia Minas Mountain Blend - espresso roast full-bodies with bright chocolate notes. Cambraia Amazon Forest Blend - medium roast smooth taste creamy and fruity notes. Made in Brazil.