Caress Moisturizing Body Wash Jasmine & Lavender Oil 18.6 fl oz

Want to feel gorgeously soft and glowing skin every day? Reset, rewind and enjoy the calming scent and feel of instantly moisturized skin with our Jasmine & Lavender Oil Body Wash. The floral oil essence formula of this moisturizing body wash for refreshed skin melts into a rich lather, leaving your skin feeling soft, fragrant and beautiful. This body wash effectively washes away dirt and bacteria while leaving your skin feeling instantly moisturized. Our body wash can clean hands just as effectively as hand soap. Caress Jasmine & Lavender Oil Body Wash is a relaxing and calm-inducing women's hydrating body wash that blends a rich, delicate and floral foam with beautiful scents. It is a shower gel that gently cleanses your skin to leave it delicately fragrant and beautifully soft. With Caress Jasmine & Lavender Oil bath gel, spoil yourself with a treat for the senses and a scent that lasts long after you shower. This delicate body wash for dry skin gently pampers your skin for a soft touch, while a serene blend of moisturizing ingredients gently cloaks you after every shower. Caress Beauty Bar and body wash fragrances are crafted by the world’s best perfumers to transform your daily shower into an indulging experience that will make you feel truly pampered, centered, and connected to yourself.