Core Hydration Water, Perfectly Balanced

0 Calories per 12 fl oz serving. Ultra purifiied. pH balanced electrolytes. pH (approximately 7.4) purified. Electrolytes & minerals for taste. Perfect pH: 7.4 (approximately 7.4) your body's natural pH balanced. Purified 7 stage purification process. Perfectly Balanced Water: Core hydration mirrors your body's natural pH balance of about 7.4 pH. Core hydration is purified in a seven stage process. Electrolytes and minerals are added for taste. Core hydration is perfectly balanced and helps you stay hydrated and feeling your best. (hashtag)perfectlybalanced. (at)core. For water quality and other information, including a bottled water report, contact us at 1-866-438-3352 or write to Consumer Relations at PO Box 869077, Plano, TX 75086-9077. 100% Recyclable. BPA free plastic bottle.