Cowboy Hardwood Briquets, Applewood

Made with applewood. For sweet & smoky flavor. Pairs well with Pork. Chicken. Turkey. Seafood. More apple wood per briquet. Cowboy Hardwood Briquets with apple wood are made with up to 15% real apple wood. The sweet, smoky flavor these briquets provide pairs particularly well with pork and lighter meats such as poultry and seafood. Experience the natural Cowboy difference - no fillers, additives, or chemicals that are common in standard briquets. Discover the Flavor Difference! Compare Cowboy Real Hardwood Briquets to the standard Coal & Chemical Briquets. 1. Cowboy Hardwood Briquets are all natural, 95% hardwood charcoal and 5% vegetable binder. 2. Contain no coal, chemicals or fillers that are common in standard briquets. 3. Lights easily and is ready to cook in about 15 minutes. 4. No additives means great wood-grilled flavor. 5. Hardwood charcoal briquets produce less ash and require minimal clean up. For more information, tips for grilling and recipes visit our website To send us your comments or questions, send us an email to info(at) For information about this and other great cowboy products, visit This paper bag is biodegradable. Package contain recycled products. Made in Mexico.