Crisco Shortening Sticks, Butter Flavor 3 ea

Crisco Butter Flavor All-Vegetable Shortening Sticks are great for baking and frying, so you and your kitchen are always ready to make your family’s favorite meals. Use these Crisco baking sticks in place of butter or margarine. Crisco Butter Flavor Vegetable Shortening for baking gives a buttery, rich flavor to any baking recipe. Each Crisco Shortening Stick contains one cup of shortening and is clearly marked for easy measuring. Crisco is what good food is made of. Crisco Shortening products are trusted by home bakers and food industry professionals alike as baking ingredients to get the most out of what they are baking. Butter Flavor Crisco sticks are gluten free. These Crisco Butter flavor baking sticks are also available in All-Vegetable Shortening as well as the classic can.