Parkay Whipped Vegetable Oil Spread

Parkay® 58% Whipped Vegetable Oil Spread. No hydrogenated oil. 0g trans fat & 0mg cholesterol. Per serving. See nutrition information for fat and saturated fat content. Made with nonfat real milk. Fresh & creamy taste. 70 Calories per serving. 100% Less cholesterol than butter. Per serving (1 Tbsp.):. Parkay® soft (12g). Cal. - 70. Fat - 8g. Sat. Fat - 2g. Chol. - 0mg. Butter (14g). Cal. - 100. Fat - 11g. Sat. Fat - 7g. Chol. - 30mg. Now only Parkay® is made with real, nonfat milk for that fresh and creamy taste your whole family will love. Enjoy Parkay on all your favorite foods. For delicious recipes, visit Gluten free food. Questions or comments Call 1-800-988-7808.