Del Monte Bubble Fruit, Tropical Mixed Fruit Flavor

Mixed fruit and popping boba with sweetened juice. No artificial flavors. Non GMO (Ingredients of the types used in this product are not genetically modified). New. Delicious bursting bubbles! Feelin' bubbly! We've added popping boba to our tasty fruit cup snacks for an unexpected burst of flavor! Popular in bubble tea and frozen yogurt shops, popping boba burst and release a blast of fruit flavor when you bite them. Our juicy peaches, pears, and pineapples are grown in the best orchards, producing fruit that is sweet and succulent - it's a way to add a little sweetness to your daily. No artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners. Facebook. For recipes, contests and conversations, find us on or visit us at Questions or comments? call 1-800-543-3090 (Mon. - Fri). Try our other bubble fruit flavors: Sour apple watermelon. Pear berry pomegranate. Peach strawberry lemonade. Non BPA (Packaging produced without the intentional addition of BPA). Peaches and pear product of USA; pineapple product of the Philippines.