Drews Dressing & Quick Marinade, Shiitake Ginger

All natural. Chef Created - Nature Inspired! Life involves change - like our new labels and the fact that Drew's is now made with 100% renewable electricity. Fortunately, some things stay the same, namely our commitment to bringing the same delicious and healthy foods to your family's table that we feed to our own loved ones. At Drew's we have always believed in being stewards of the environment and have been passionate recyclers. Inside you will still find the same versatile Chef Created Dressings (That double as marinades) that we have always made in Vermont using Expeller pressed oils and Non-GMO ingredients. Enjoy! 100% renewable electricity. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Vegan. Non-GMO Project Verified: nongmoproject.org. www.ChefDrew.com. Find us on Facebook. Vermont made.