Earthbound Farm Carrots, Organic, Mini Peeled

USDA Organic. Certified Organic by CCOF. This product is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. Good source of vitamin A. Washed and ready to use. Food to live by. Fresh from our field to you, earthbound farm organic mini carrots are delicious and nutritious. Crunchy, sweet, and ready to eat, they're a perfect snack or a flavorful addition to any meal. More than 20 years ago, earthbound farm started on 2-1/2 acres on the fertile camel valley where we tended our first crops with an unwavering commitment to farming organically, without the use of dangerous chemicals. As we've grown to become the largest grower of organic produce in the world, our dedication has grown along with us. All the while, our work has remained firmly rooted in our commitment to the health of the land and of those who share our harvest. We wish you happiness with every delicious bite. Enjoy! Hungry for more? Cook. Shop. Explore. Learn. Questions or Comments: 1-800-690-3200. Produce of USA.