Ecolution Evolve Chef Pan, Deep, Black, Non-Stick, 11 Inch

Dishwasher safe. Squeeze me! Our silicone handle feels great and stays cool. Non-stick. A safer solution for healthy & eco-friendly cooking. Cook well. Do good. Water-based hydrolon. Flip me oven! Heat bands on the bottom distribute heat for better results. Not a flash in the pan. We have been selling cookware for generations. From our family to yours, we say - cook well. Do good. Even heating = better results. Squeezable. Silicone handle. Suitable for electric, gas, glass, ceramic. Lifetime warranty. PFOA free. Do Good: PFOA free means safer for you and sewer greenhouse gases. Printed on 70% recycled material. Go to for info on recycling. We have a huge eco. Eco is a part of our name and our products. We believe that cooking well in the kitchen that cooking well in the kitchen and doing for the planet can happen at the same time. Made in China.