Eden Nori Sea Vegetable

Eden® Nori Sea Vegetable. Japanese hand harvested. 10 sheets. Eden® Nori is the best tasting sea vegetable, sweet and delicate, grown in the environmental sanctuary of Ise (ee-say) Bay, Japan. Seed quality, water temperature, tending, and drying method are each critical, as is the skillful know-how and its execution. After harvest nori is washed, chopped, pressed, and dried into paper-thin sheets. Eden Nori is a shiny purple/green with a rare sweet aroma. It is used to wrap sushi and rice balls. If toasted, crumbled, or sliced into thin strips, it is an excellent garnish for any food. Toasting nori turns it bright green, crispy, and enhances its flavor. For free sushi recipes, sushi fillings, and colorful step-by-step instructions, visit edenfoods.com/sushi or call 1 800 248 0320. Over 1,100 free recipes at edenfoods.com. ©2013 Eden Foods.