Edward & Sons Organic Croutons Italian Herbs

Edward & Sons™ Organic Croutons Italian Herbs. Convenience without compromise. Since 1978. Low sodium. USDA organic. Perfect for soups, salads, stuffing... Vegan©. NET WT 5.25 oz. 148g. Edward & Sons bouillon cubes are great in so many recipes! Edward & Sons organic croutons bring pure, crunchy goodness to your favorite soups and salads! Featuring simple, wholesome and organically grown ingredients, our croutons will soon become your special secret in holiday stuffing and other cherished recipes. Like to entertain Treat your guests to crunchy new taste sensations by mixing Edward & Sons organic croutons with nuts and pretzels to create savory party mixes. Or just enjoy a snacking handful straight from the bag - anywhere, any time! Serving suggestion: for a "hearty" salad variation, toss your favorite organic greens with Edward & Sons organic croutons, slices of Native Forest® organic hearts of palm and Native Forest® marinated artichoke hearts. The marinade, a virgin olive oil vinaigrette complete with Mediterranean spices, becomes a scrumptious salad dressing. Organic hearts or palm. Artichoke hearts. Native forest. Edward & Sons has pioneered natural and organic food innovations for more than 35 years. Our motto, convenience without Compromise®, has guided our company faithfully since the introduction of Miso-Cup® instant soup mix in 1978. We invite you to visit www.edwardandsons.com and get to know us better. Organic certification assures you of sustainable farming practices, which nourish soil and protect its biodiversity. Consistent with our company policy, organic certification also prohibits the use of GMOs, artificial colors, preservatives and other unwelcome ingredients. Certified organic by QAI. Perfect for soups, salads & stuffing. Italian herbs, organic breadcrumbs. Lightly salted organic breadcrumbs. Organic panko. Also try Edward & Sons delicious kosher & organic breadcrumbs in 3 varieties: Italian herbs, lightly salted and original panko. They come in reusable canisters that become great storage containers in your kitchen or pantry. See edwardandsonsrecipes.org for delicious recipes using organic croutons and all of our products. Edward & Sons supports carbonfund.org as part of our strategy to offset our carbon footprint. www.edwardandsons.com. ©2014 Edward & Sons Trading Co., Inc. A family owned vegetarian company since 1978.