Eggo Frozen French Toast Sticks, Cinnamon 12.7 oz

Wake up and greet the day with the feel-good taste of Eggo French Toaster sticks. Crafted with delicious ingredients, our French Toaster sticks help bring energy to busy mornings. An easy breakfast, each slice bring warmth to your day. Great for families and individuals, they are delicious on their own, or try them with the addition of your favorite morning toppings like butter, syrup, fruit, powdered sugar, and whipped cream; Made with no artificial colors or flavors, they provide a good source of 9 vitamins and minerals (see nutrition information for sodium content) and are an excellent source of calcium. Eggo French Toaster sticks are great to bring along on the bus, in the car on the way to school, or even packed in a lunchbox, for a tasty snack on-the-go. So delicious, would you L'Eggo your Eggo?