Familia Swiss Muesli Original Recipe

Familia. Swiss Muesli. Original recipe. Mixed cereals with fruit and nuts. 2 lb. box compare cost per ounce. Bio-Familia was established in 1954 in Sachseln, a quaint village nestled in the beautiful Swiss countryside. We are known worldwide as the pioneer maker of traditional Swiss muesli but few know of our early role in supporting natural farming techniques that respect the environment. Since 1958 Bio-Familia has been using organically grown cereals and fruits in its products. A close relationship with the pioneer of organic cultivation in Switzerland, Dr. Hans Muller, made Bio-Familia one of the first companies to discover the benefit of growing grains that replenish and maintain healthy soil while eliminating toxic chemicals. Thanks to this experience and know how, Bio-Familia manufactures naturally grown cereal products that deliver outstanding taste and quality. Familia is proud to continue our tradition of wholesome cereals by bringing you unique cereals grown in balance with the land. For 100% of nature's best in every bowl. "The farm, which is shown in the painting of the countryside, does really exist. It is called Dahler Hof and the second generation, Fritz and his wife Margrith, continues to work the family farm in Noflen, Switzerland. The Dahler family pioneered Swiss natural farming in 1947 and was one of the first suppliers of organic cereal of the Bio-Familia AG." Packed in a protective environment. Tips and tricks... ...You can find more muesli recipes on the internet at www.bio-familia.com.