Feit Electric Intellibulb Light Bulb, LED, Soft White, 6 Watts, MotionActivated

Instant light when activated by motion. Replacement uses only 6 w. Soft white 2700 K. Brightness: 450 lumens. Estimated Energy Cost: $0.72 per year. Non-dimmable. 1 - A19 bulb. To save energy costs, find the bulbs with the light output you need, then choose the one with the lowest watts. How it Works: Turns on when it detects motion. Turns off after 10 motion-free minutes. Senses motion up to 19 feet away. Choose a Setting: Moon - turns on only at night. Sun / Moon - turns on day and night. Up to 15,00 hours of LED light. No smart home hardware or app required. UL listed. Meets CEC Title 20 Light Bulb Standards. www.feit.com. Made in China. Brightness Quality: 450 lumens. Energy Info: $0.72 Based on 3 hrs/day, 11 cents/kWh. Cost depends on rates and use. 6 watts. Package Info: 1. Bulb Info: LED. Screw. Bulb Life: 13.7 years Based on 3 hrs/day. Bulb Appearance: 2700 k.