Fire & Flavor Cedar Wraps - 8 CT

Fire & Flavor® Cedar Wraps. Great recipe inside. Perfect for grills & stovetops. Flavor starts with fire®. Premium all natural. No additives. Perfect for: Fish, chicken, seafood, veggies. Includes string. Contents: Single use, Cedar Wraps. Indoor and outdoor cooking. Wrap your favorite seafood, meats, vegetables, and fruit in Fire & Flavor's Cedar Wraps. Place on hot grill grates or grill pan and watch your dish steam to perfection while a subtle smoky flavor is infused. Fire & Flavor's Cedar Wraps are made with 100% all natural western red cedar which provides the best flavor and compliments a variety of foods. Shopping list for Asian Salmon (recipe inside): Salmon. Say sauce. Fresh ginger. Carrot. Scallions. Shiitake mushrooms. Materials from Canada. Packaged in the U.S.A. H.A.C.C.P Verified food safe. Call: 866-728-8332. Email: Visit: ©2017.