French's Creamy Honey Chipotle Mustard Spread 12 oz

Whether you’re a fan of a BLT, hero or grilled chicken sandwich, a dab of French’s Creamy Chipotle Mustard Spread elevates it with the flavor of sweet, smoky and tangy mustard. It’s from French’s, America’s favorite mustard since 1904, and it’s made with quality spices. Banish the plain and dry sandwich from your table. Bring out a mustard spread that’s crafted with a delicious balance of honey, chipotle pepper and #1 grade mustard seed. Its thick and creamy texture makes it so spreadable on your sandwich, adding irresistible flavor along with moistness. Perfect at barbecue time- it goes great on burgers and hot dogs or spread on meats before grilling to seal in juices and create a flavorful crust. Add also to deviled eggs, potato salad and coleslaw.