Frontera Chipotle Pumpkin Salsa

Frontera® Chipotle Pumpkin Salsa with Roasted Tomatillo Medium. Limited Edition seasonal recipe. From the kitchen of Chef Rick Bayless. Net Wt 16 Oz (1 Lb) 454g. Gourmet Mexican. Love salsa in every season. But especially in fall, because that's when we make this unexpectedly delicious combination of velvety pumpkin and tangy roasted tomatillos with the sweet-smoky glow of chipotle chiles. Oh, and there's a little roasted garlic, too, just for good measure. Scoop it up with our Artisanal Frontera tortilla chips. Or spoon it on roast chicken or slow-cooked pork. You'll be happy you did. Chef Rick Bayless. Bravo's top chef masters and James Beard award winner, celebrated author and host of public television's Mexico - one plate at a time. Hand-crafted with fresh ingredients. No preservatives. No gluten or artificial ingredients. Call 800-509-4441 or visit