Blue Bunny Ice Cream Sandwiches, Mini, Variety Pack

8 vanilla, 8 chocolate. Real ice cream. Vanilla flavored or chocolate light ice cream between two chocolate flavored wafers, Quality since 1913. Not light food. Artificial flavor added. Can't decide between vanilla or chocolate? Well today is your lucky day! Because now with our Mini Sandwich Variety Pack, we've made choosing easy as pie (but a whole lot yummier!). We've taken all the creamy indulgent taste of our full sized ice cream sandwiches and jam packed that into a variety pack of mini sized vanilla and chocolate ice cream sandwiches. So don't let these little guys deceive you. They may be small in size, but they're big on taste! For nearly 100 years Wells' Dairy, Inc. has been committed to providing quality dairy products to delight our consumers! To us quality is more than just the process of making ice cream. It's about the ingredients that go into it. Not all sandwiches today are made with real ice cream. However, Blue Bunny sandwiches still use only real ice cream, made from the finest dairy ingredients. Light ice cream fat reduced 55% and calories reduced 10% from regular ice cream. Not a light food. Fat reduced from 10 g to 4.5 g and calories from 190 to 170 per 100 grams.