Fuji CD-R, All Purpose

80 Min. 700 MB. 1X to 40X. Ideal for music. Photos. Data. Videos. Ideal for storing, transporting and sharing your music, photos, data and videos. Fujifilm's CD-R discs open doors to a wide world of possibilities. Use your imagination! Capture your memories. Record your photos and illustrations, or large files of important data - whatever inspires you, whether it's personal business. For reliability and longevity, these Fujifilm CD-R discs unsurpassed. When there's something to be stored, you can always trust Fujifilm. CD-R is for personal use to make one-off recordings original compact discs. If possible to record only once on this CD-R. Once the disc is finalized no further recording is possible, even if space remains on the disc. The reproduction and recording of copyright protected material is subject to applicable copyright laws in the country where copies are made. Please Note: available capacity may vary based upon formatting or other functions. Made in Taiwan.