SlimFast Meal Replacement Shake Mix, Creamy Milk Chocolate 12.83 oz

Meal. 14 servings. 4hr Hunger Control: Satiety was measured in a laboratory-controlled setting. Why SlimFast? At SlimFast, we believe managing your weight shouldn't get in the way of doing life. Whether you're looking to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight or just need a quick meal/snack on the go, our mission is to make your journey Deliciously Doable with the help you need from the Slimfast Plan, technology tools, and community support. SlimFast - real simple, real tasty, real results (When used as part of the Slimfast Plan. Individual results may vary). Why Original? Created with your success in mind, SlimFast delivers on flavor and nutrition. This Meal Replacement Shake Mix contains 10 g of protein (when prepared with 8 fl oz fat free milk), 5 g of fiber (Contains 3 g total fat per serving) and 23 vitamins and minerals like A, C, D, E and zinc to give you the nutrients you need, while the irresistible flavor gives you the taste you want. This package will make the servings as indicated when measured exactly by weight (26 g per serving). At time of fill. After settling. Contents sold by weight, not volume. Settling will occur. Sweetened with nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners.