DOVE Pampering Body Wash Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Scent 22 oz

Product summary: Are you looking for an indulgent body wash to bring a little more self-care to your daily routine? Dove Pampering Body Wash is a rich and creamy moisturizing body wash that works to deeply nourish as it cleanses. Unlike other shea butter products, Dove Pampering Body Wash has a moisturizing formula that contains a unique blend of skin-natural nutrients to give you the Dove care you know and love.Why it works:This moisturizing body wash contains Dove Microbiome Nutrient Serum, a blend of prebiotics that nourishes skin and its microbiome – your skin’s living protective layer. This sulfate free body wash is also made with plant-based moisturizer, naturally-derived cleansers and skin natural nutrients, meaning you can gently cleanse and nourish your skin at the same time with this body cleanser.Benefits: Dove cares for all. With a cozy, irresistible fragrance of shea butter and warm vanilla, this moisturizing body wash pampers skin with a foamy lather that will indulge your senses and moisturize skin. And it doesn’t stop there. Globally, Dove doesn’t test on animals and is certified Cruelty-Free by PETA. Plus, this sulfate free body wash has a 98% biodegradable formula* and is packaged in a 100% recycled bottle.*98% of ingredients break down into carbon dioxide, water & minerals (OECD test methods 301,302 and/or 310)How to use:To fully relax and create a moment of self-care, squeeze a generous amount of this Dove Pampering Body Wash into your palms. Spread all over your body and work it into a lather. Take a deep breath in to appreciate the luscious shea butter and warm vanilla scent, before rinsing this body wash for dry skin off with water to reveal transformed, touchably soft skin.Try this: The cared-for feeling you have after using this moisturizing body wash with shea butter and warm vanilla scent is one of a kind. To make it last as long as possible, invest in some big, fluffy towels. This is all about making moments to switch off