Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy, Essential, Watermelon 9.5 oz

On™ Essential Amino Energy™ Watermelon. Naturally and artificially flavored. Use anytime to support: Essential amino acid delivery. Muscle recovery*. Energy and focus. Dietary supplement. 30 servings. Net wt 9.5 oz (270 G). Micronized free form amino acids for faster absorption. Supports recovery before, during & after exercise*. Caffeine from natural sources. Two scoops = one serving. Scoop#. Energy level - mild - moderate - intense Amino level - 5 grams - 10 grams - 15 grams Caffeine - 100mg - 200mg - 300mg. Occasion: AM wake up. Pre-workout energy. Post-workout recovery. Afternoon pick-me-up. Manufactured in the USA. This product contains ingredients of international and domestic origin. True Strength™. www.optimumnutrition.com. ‡Total caffeine from all sources is equal to 100mg/9g serving. CarnoSyn®. Carnosine Synthesizer. Natural Alternative International (NAI) is the registered trademark CarnoSyn®. True Strength™. www.optimumnutrition.com. 1 (800) 705-5226. truestrength.com. Contents sold by weight not volume, some setting may occur. When consumed as directed at maximum dosage. No aspartame.