Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaner

Cerama Bryte® Cooktop Cleaner. The appliance cleaning expert™. For that like-new shine. Removes tough stains. Wt 18 oz (511 g). Recommended for use on all smooth-top cooking surfaces. Formulated for heavy-duty cleaning without scratching. Regular use helps maintain shine and performance. Contains no silicone. Other Uses: Porcelain, cultured marble (bathrooms), glass shower doors, fiberglass bath units, pots and pans, and stainless steel sinks (do not use on stainless steel appliances). Tested and qualified for Scott Ceran®. Biodegradable by OECD test 301D. Not tested on animals. Contains no phosphates. Bottle contains 25% post consumer recycled content. Questions or Comments Call: 1-800-578-4663. Visit: www.ceramabryte.com.