Fix A Flat Large Tire

Fix A Flat® Large Tire. Inflator & Sealer. Seals in Minutes. Just Connect, Inflate and Go! ™. Non-Flammable Formula. Tire Sensor Safe! Everyone Gets a Flat Be Prepared. Specially Designed for Small SUVs, Mini Vans, Compact Trucks, Cross Overs. Net Wt 20 OZ (567 g). No jacks or tools required. Seals and inflates in minutes. Warranty: For a period of 90 days from date of purchase, manufacturer guarantees the product will meet the specifications when used as directed. Manufacturer’s sole liability and Customer’s sole remedy under any warranty claim is limited to refund of purchase price upon return of proof of purchase. U.S. Patent 6, 492, 436 and 6, 880, 587 B!. Fix A Flat® is a registered trademark of Illinois Tool Works, Inc. Just Connect, Inflate and Go!™ and Quick Connect™ are trademarks owned by Illinois Tool Works, Inc. Questions or Comments Call 1-888-457-5463.