Vicks Vicks Sinex Saline Ultra Fine Nasal Mist, Drug Free, 5 Oz 5 oz

Relief you can trust from Vicks, the world's #1 selling cough and cold brand! Vicks Sinex, the brand your nose knows and loves, now carries a drug-free saline spray! Instantly clear everyday congestion with Vicks Sinex Saline Ultra Fine Mist Nasal Spray. Helps clear nasal congestion by washing dust, allergens, irritants, and mucus from the nose. Plus it's safe for daily use because it is drug-free with no added preservatives. It is simply a hypertonic saline solution made with purified water. Its special ultra fine mist spray is designed to deliver gentle yet effective relief! Can be used daily, as often as needed, to treat sinus congestion caused by a cold or seasonal allergy spell. Vicks Sinex Saline is safe to use with over the counter or prescription medicines. For children and adults age 2 or older (with adult supervision): Spray in each nostril and blow your nose as needed to instantly clear your everyday congestion.