Ghost Protein Powder, Vegan, Peanut Butter Cereal Milk

28 servings. Naturally and artificially flavored. 120 calories. 21 g protein. Full Disclosure Protein: Pea protein concentrate (80%); 15 g delivering 12 g protein. Organic Pumpkin Protein (70%); 7.86 g delivering 5.5 g protein. Watermelon seed protein (75%); 3.33 g delivering 2.5 g protein. Soy free. Gluten free. No veggie spiking. Ghost Vegan Protein was conceived to feed savagery around the clock: breakfast; post-workout; throughout the day; before bed. Contents sold by weight not volume, some settling may occur. Follow us (at)ghostlifestyle. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. Get inspired at 1-844-Ghost-88 (446-7888). Manufactured in the USA in a GMP compliant facility. This product contains ingredient of international and domestic origin.