Glen Ellen Chardonnay, California

Glen Ellen House 1896. Contains 1/3 more wine than a 750 ml bottle or 4-187 ml bottles. Finest quality from the heart of California. In the heart of California wine country, stands the Glen Ellen house. Surrounded by vineyards first planted in 1883, both the house and the wines of Glen Ellen have stood the test of time. This medium-bodied Chardonnay is made from grapes that are perfectly ripened and harvested at the peak of their flavor. Glen Ellen Chardonnay has pear and butterscotch flavors with a delicate hint of oak and a clean, crisp finish. The same exact wine that you've trusted for years from Glen Ellen in a bottle is now in this handy tetra pak. It still tastes like sunshine in a glass. But now we are working to preserve that sunshine- and the environment- for future generations. This tetra pak has more than a 50% smaller carbon footprint than our old single serve glass bottles. Its thinner walls actually mean you can chill it more quickly so it is ready to enjoy whenever and wherever you are. Alcohol 13.0% by volume.