Godiva Ice Cream, Mint Medallion 14 fl oz

Belgium 1926. No artificial growth hormones in our cream & milk (Our farmers pledge not to use artificial growth hormones in our cream and milk. No significant difference has been shown between milk from rBST treated cows and non-rBST treated cows). Not intended for sale outside the United States. Discover Godiva Ice Cream: Godiva is synonymous with exquisite chocolate, crafted in the Belgian tradition of chocolate making. Now, a new Godiva experience beckons with this unique ice cream collection. Each scoop or spoonful of Godiva ice cream pairs the finest ingredients with the iconic Godiva chocolate experience. Mint Medallion: Godiva's Mint Medallion Ice Cream is inspired by Godiva's iconic Mint Medallion chocolate (Chocolate piece not included) featuring a crisp refreshing mint and dark chocolate finish.