Grahams Reserve Porto, Six Grapes, 1820

The name Six Grapes refers to the symbol Graham's has always used to classify wines made at the harvest on a scale of one to six, Six Grapes denoting the lots which could potentially end up as components of our great Graham Vintage Ports. Individual vineyard parcels and different grape varieties from Graham's five key vineyard properties, Malvedos, Tua, Lages, Vila Velha and Vale de Malhadas are separately vinified, and the lots with the most concentration, structure and the brightest fruit are given the coveted Six Grapes classification. Approximately eighteen months after the harvest we choose certain wines to be bottled as Vintage Port, with the remainder set aside for bottling as Six Grapes Reserve. With a youthful, fruit forward style, Six Grapes is a perfect wine to accompany dark chocolate or blue cheese, or simply to relax with at the end of the day. 19.5% alc by vol. Bottled by Symington Family Estates, Vinhos, LDA., Oporto, Portugal. Product of Portugal.