GrapeOla Grape Seed Oil 1 l

All natural grape seed oil. Great for: frying, baking & salads. No cholesterol. No preservatives. No sodium. Olive Oil vs GrapeOla Oil: Polyunsaturated Fat: Olive Oil (1.50 g); GrapeOla Oil (9.50 g). Omega: Olive oil (1.50 g); GrapeOla oil (9.47 g). Vitamin E: Olive oil (1.61 mg); GrapeOla oil (3.92 mg). Compare per tablespoon. Rich in Vitamin E: A potent natural antioxidant. Polyunsaturated Oil: Unlike olive and canola oils, GrapeOla oil is rich in linoleic acid, which is a main source of omega-6. Unique Properties: GrapeOla uses up to 50% less than other oils to achieve the same results. It also has a neutral taste and a higher smoke point, and can be heated up to 420 degrees F. Please visit our website for additional information. Product of Spain.