R.W. Knudsen Family Juice Blend, Organic, Orange Carrot 32 fl oz

An orange, pineapple, white grape and carrot juice blend from concentrates with other ingredients. Contains 100% juice. Pasteurized for your safety. Non-GMO project verified. Each 8 fl. oz. cup provides a 1-cup serving of fruit*. Natural separation may occur. In 1961, a harvest of grapes from organic vineyards in Paradise, California, inspired R.W. Knudsen to pioneer a new tradition of bottling natural fruit juices. His commitment began with a desire to make juices of the best possible quality for his own family. This meant making juices that were exclusively fruit juice sweetened, with no artificial flavors. Today you and your family can enjoy the R.W. Knudsen Family® products made with that same commitment. Savor the refreshing goodness crafted with integrity and care...For Goodness Sake®! --The Knudsen Family. 120 Calories per 8 fl. oz. 100% Juice No Sugar Added USDA Organic