R.W. Knudsen Family® Organic Just Pomegranate™ 100% Juice 32 fl. oz. Bottle

Premium organic pomegranate juice from concentrate. Made with the finest all-natural ingredients. No preservatives and no artificial flavors...For Goodness Sake!® Producing fruit juices with integrity, craftsmanship and innovation since 1961. In 1961, R.W. Knudsen started bottling fruit juice from his grape vineyard on one condition--he insisted his juices never contain artificial flavors or preservatives. Little did R.W. Knudsen know he was staring a tradition of innovation. Today our wide variety of products are made with all the care and commitment to quality for which R.W. Knudsen Family® is famous. Producing fruit juices and fruit products with integrity, craftsmanship, and innovation...a balance we think you'll find refreshing! --The Knudsen Family. Each 8 fl. oz. cup provides a 1 cup serving of fruit.* Contains 100% Juice; Unsweetened 160 Calories per 8 fl. oz.; Pasteurized for Your Safety Non-GMO Project Verified® USDA Organic