Twinings of London® Citrus Twist Cold Brewed Iced 20 ct Tea Bags 1.41 oz. Box

Fine black tea expertly blended with the delightful flavours of orange, lemon, lime and bergamot to deliver a refreshing iced tea with a delicately sweet taste and light, citrus aroma. Enjoy sweetened or plain. For over 300 years, Twinings has been sourcing and blending the finest, high-quality teas from around the globe to ensure that your tea has the perfect balance of tea taste, flavour and aroma. Now, Twinings has perfected the art of delivering a refreshing glass of tea in just minutes. Convenient and easy-to-make, you no longer have to wait for the water to boil, bags to brew and tea to cool. Simply add water to Twining Cold Brewed Iced Tea, let stand 3-5 minutes, stir thoroughly, and add ice to finish. Enjoy all of Twinings cold brewed iced teas...English Classic: Traditional full-flavoured black tea; Citrus Twist: Black tea with the delightful flavours of orange, lemon, lime and bergamot; Green Tea with Mint: Pure and natural green tea with the flavour of fresh mint; Mixed Berries: Black tea with the delicious flavours of cherry, blueberry, black currant and raspberry. All Natural Brews in Cold Water in Only 5 Minutes Kosher