Blues Hog Grilling Sauce, Smokey Mountain 1 pt

A unique grilling or finishing sauce perfectly blended with high quality ingredients, including a hint of natural hickory smoke! The award winning choice of champions. The Blues Hog Barbecue Company originated in the rolling hills of Tennessee, where we began cooking our pork shoulders and whole hogs over hickory coals for community and family functions. The original recipes are created by Bill Arnold, the Pitmaster and Chef of the Blues Hog Barbecue Company. We've won many cooking and sauce events, such as the American Royal International Barbecue and Sauce Contest, as well as taking top honors in international competitions. Our products are used by many top chefs and competition teams all over the world. All of our sauces are produced to a standard high above other commercial sauces. They are formulated with the highest quality sugars and spices, and contain no fat. Our Blues Hog Smokey Mountain Sauce is a rich blend of high quality ingredients, including natural hickory smoke flavoring. Following the unique taste of Blues Hog products, Smokey Mountain is used for a basting sauce for chicken, ribs, pork, beef, and can be used in side dishes such as baked beans. From our kitchen to you, we aim to provide the best products and service possible. Thank you for your patronage and friendship. BBQ Tips: Slow cooking always gets the best results. Try heating your sauce before and during basting. Always keep your meat wet, basting frequently.