Carmans Muesli Bars, Fruit-Free, Original

Lightly toasted wholegrain oats with honey, cinnamon and gourmet nuts, soft and chewy. Low GI; wheat free; good source of fiber; no preservatives. We believe food should come from the kitchen, not the chemist. We believe in being proud of our ingredients with no need to hide them in fine print. We believe nuts and seeds are good for our well-being. We believe that once you've tried Carman's, you will love it! Low GI foods help control hunger and provide more sustained energy. GI rating of 55 = low GI. No GMOS added. Our History: I am often asked why muesli? Well, it was 1992 and I was an 18 year old, first year University student. My part time job was making homemade muesli for a very small business that supplied a few cafes and delis. I would grind the nuts, mix the warm honey and cinnamon through oats before roasting them until golden. It smelt amazing! One day I was told I was going to lose my job as the business was to be sold. A little voice inside my head said you could buy this small business! You love the muesli and you make it already! That night I went home and discussed it with my parents. I will never forget their positive reaction to my idea and this gave me all the confidence I needed. I made an offer of $1,000 which was eventually accepted, and Carman's was born. It was a life changing decision. Finishing my degree proved challenging as I made deliveries before morning lectures and balanced the books in the library during lunch breaks. I sometimes have to pinch myself when I think that Carman's muesli and bars are now available in over 15 countries. We still supply all of those same delis and cafes as before but also supply supermarkets, airlines and five star hotels. As a mother of two young children, my passion for real food with real ingredients and nothing artificial is stronger than ever. I am so proud of what Carman's has become. I hope you share my passion and enjoyment of Carman's too! - Carolyn Creswell, Company Founder. 100% Australian made and owned. Made in Australia from the best ingredients we can find in Australia and around the world.