Laundry Door Dryer Sachets, Herbal, English Lavender

Great for those with sensitive skin. Non-toxic. Biodegradable. Safe for the environment. No artificial dyes or fragrance. 100% natural. Good for up to 40 dryer loads. Open your door to naturally fresh. Contains 4 sachets. Resealable for freshness. Open your door to naturally fresh - long ago, many homes had lavender bushes planted outside their laundry doors. As their clothing and linens dried, they absorbed the fresh, beautiful scent of English lavender. Now you can experience the same centuries-old way of scenting your own laundry naturally with Laundry Door Herbal Dryer Sachets. The fragrant lavender in Laundry Door is contained in a permeable, biodegradable teabag-like envelope or sachet. This breathable material allows warm air from the dryer to circulate freely around the herbs. Laundry Door products were created in an effort to rid our homes of toxic chemicals and protect our families. Using historical traditions, Laundry Door has created herbal dryer sachets using pure and natural ingredients that are not only safe for the environment, but beneficial for the whole family. Welcome to the Laundry Door family! The 4 Herbal Dryer Sachets enclosed will last for 6-10 drying cycles each, giving your laundry a fresh, lavender infused scent.