Gold Medal Flour, All Natural, Whole Wheat 5 lb

At Gold Medal®, we believe that you need to start with quality ingredients to bake your best. From the field to your table, we take pride in ensuring the Gold Medal® standard is upheld. We begin by selecting top-grade North American wheat. We mill the wheat ourselves, using mills we have owned for generations. We believe this difference sets us apart and ensures our commitment to consistency is upheld. We create Gold Medal® Flour with the same care and dedication you use when baking. For over 125 years, our constant goal has been to do your effort proud. For as long as you take the time to create something special, we'll continue to provide the flour you can rely upon. Using Gold Medal® Whole Wheat flour is an easy way to give your baked goods a little more nutrition and texture. It's great for hearty breads, breakfast muffins, pancakes, and cookies! Gold Medal® carefully mills this flour to give it an even, medium-fine granulation, which makes it adaptable for many types of baked goods. If you're substituting whole wheat for all-purpose, take note that whole wheat flour will absorb more liquid than all-purpose, so some recipes may need minor adjustments. What Makes Whole Wheat Flour Good for My Health? Whole wheat flour is 100% whole-grain food. We expertly mill it from the complete wheat kernel, which is comprised of the fiber-rich bran, the endo-sperm and the germ. These components contain vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates that all work together to help maintain good health. Using Gold Medal® whole wheat flour for your baking needs is a simple, easy way to get more whole grain into your diet! All Natural The Measure of Quality Kosher