Spike Gourmet Natural Seasoning, All Purpose, Salt Free Magic!

Add a healthy dose of flavor with Spike! Spike is the seasoning sensation originally created in the Italian kitchens of internationally acclaimed gourmet nutritionist Gayelord Hauser. Spike Salt Free Magic! is a carefully selected, balanced blend of 37 flavorful herbs, exotic spices and vegetables that will turn every meal into a gourmet delight without the salt or calories! Put an end to the bland and tasteless foods of your salt free diet with Spike Salt Free Magic! It's terrific on salads, sauces, stews, meats, eggs, cottage cheese, pizza, barbeque, vegetables, dressings, dips and popcorn, to name a few! Don't just season it, Spike it! Spike Salt Free Magic adds flavor, not calories! Contains no chemical free flowing agents.