Smucker's Jelly, Reduced Sugar Preserves, Strawberry 15.5 oz

Smucker’s Low Sugar Reduced Sugar Strawberry Preserves has a berry flavor that shines. Enjoy these preserves with no artificial sweeteners or flavors, or high fructose corn syrup. Plus, it has real fruit and half the calories (50% less total calories than regular preserves. Calorie content has been lowered from 50 to 25 per serving) and 50% less total sugar (50% less total sugar than regular preserves. Total sugar content has been lowered from 12g to 5g per serving) than regular preserves. Pair this reduced sugar spread with Smucker’s peanut butter to create a classic PB and J sandwich or blend it into your morning smoothie or a homemade vinaigrette. You'll want to make sure your pantry is always stocked with Smucker’s Low Sugar Strawberry Reduced Sugar Preserves.