Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles, Dark 5.1 oz

Perfectly balanced dark chocolate offers a deeply indulgent experience in Lindt LINDOR Dark Chocolate Truffles. Share the luxury of Lindt LINDOR Chocolate Truffles with friends, family, colleagues and clients, or enjoy the chocolate candy in a moment all to yourself. Each truffle has a delicate dark chocolate shell and an impeccably smooth melting dark truffle center for an irresistible flavor. When you break the shell, the truffle's smooth, luscious center begins to melt and so will you. These individually wrapped truffles are the perfect size to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Lindt chocolate embodies the passion and expert craftsmanship of Lindt Master Chocolatiers for a luscious and rewarding chocolate experience. Made to Melt You. Anytime. Anywhere.